Cash for Damaged Cars Melbourne

cash for damaged cars melbourne

If your accident car has suffered so much damage that you can only identify its parts, do not worry. You can still get value for it. Noble Cash for Cars will provide that value. We pay up to $8,999 for old cars, no matter the state they are in, and go to your location in Melbourne.

Cash for Damaged Commercial Vehicles Melbourne

Do you have an out-of-commission truck or van that cannot travel out of Melbourne? Get value for it by exchanging it for cash. We buy commercial vehicles and retrieve their spare parts.

Cash for Damaged Family Vehicles Melbourne

You may have a 4WD or SUV that cannot take your family out of the city. Get value for it instead of letting it waste away in your garage. We take in all makes of family vehicles.

How do I sell a damaged car for cash?

An accident car may seem difficult to get rid of, but salvages are on hand to remove them. Here is a quick guide to getting yours sold quickly.

The first step to selling your accident car is to get an idea of its worth. You could get a mechanic to help you, but he specializes in repairs. It is always wiser to get a professional evaluator to give you an idea of what your car is worth. We have such experts on hand.

Fill up the Free Quote form on our website. We will estimate your vehicle’s value as soon as possible, based on what you tell us about it.

We will send our tow truck to collect your car. There is no cost, and you will know that we get rid of it in an environmentally-friendly way. We complete the paperwork and give you cash on the spot. All you need is your driver’s license and photo ID.

Why Choose Us?

Damaged cars take skill to assess and remove, so why should we be the dealers to do it?

We understand the industry and are licensed end-of-life recyclers. We understand the nitty gritty involved in car removal and will dispose of your vehicle completely.

Cash for Damaged Cars Melbourne will make an honest offer for your wrecked car. We will not make a proposal until we have inspected it thoroughly. We understand how costly installations can be, and take them into account.

Our salvagers are defenders of the environment, and will not release pollutants to harm it. Cash for Damaged Cars Melbourne’s salvaging process is one of the safest on Melbourne.

How We Remove Damaged Cars

First, give us a call or fill up the form on our website to get a free quote. Provide us with an accurate, detailed description of your car. We will use it to assess its value.

Our experts will travel to your Melbourne location and view it thoroughly. They will make you an offer for it, based on its condition and accessories. If you like their terms, our truckers will remove it from you straightaway. The removal is free. Why pay to have it towed when we can do that, and give you cash for it?

Our Removal Services

We remove all cars, no matter how damaged they are, and retrieve the parts that work. We have a range of components available at our yards. We take in Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus, Protons, Nissans, and other makes.

Contact Us for Cash for Damaged Cars Melbourne

Your damaged car does not have to be a pain anymore. Call us at 0409 526 398’and let us take it away from you now.