How to Sell Blown-Head Gasket and Transmission Issue Cars?

Wondering how to Sell a Car with Blown-Head Gasket or Transmission Issue in Melbourne?

It is quite unpleasing to hop in the car that doesn’t reverse properly or have some heating issues. Surely, this unpredicted situation leaves you with no choice other than towing your car to the mechanic. This is the only way to figure out what’s wrong with your car. Generally, it all happens due to a blown head gasket or transmission issue, but you can’t realize it in the first place.

However, to repair your car with a bad transmission and a blown head gasket is a costly procedure, and not everyone can afford it easily. Additionally, you can’t sell your vehicle in this condition because buyers always want to buy a vehicle in a reasonable condition.

So, what’s the ultimate solution? Is there something you can do with your buggered engine problem?

Gladly, Noble Cash For Cars is the best and reliable car wrecker company in Melbourne, and the company buys your car regardless of its condition.

Where Can I Sell My Car with Transmission Issue?

As we mentioned earlier, selling your car with buggered engines, transmission issues, and blown-head gasket is not an easy procedure. It requires considerable time and effort. Usually, no one buys a vehicle with such problems because it involves thousand-dollars to repair a car.

But don’t worry, we are the licensed and certified car wreckers in Melbourne, and we can buy your car with transmission issues.


We Accept Your Vehicle with Blown Head Gasket and Transmission Issue

We not only buy your damaged vehicle but also offer top cash for your wrecked car. Our experienced appraisers are always available to provide the maximum money for your wrecked cars.

So, do you want a suitable quoted-price for your damaged car with a transmission issue? Luckily, our company accepts every make and model because your vehicle is valuable to us. Contact us and get the best suited quoted price for your wrecked, damaged, broken, and non-running car.

If you do business with us, you can receive;

  • Most reliable customer services
  • Instant cash and same-day pick-up
  • Free Truck towing and car removal services
  • The best estimated quoted price for your car with a transmission problem
  • No hidden fees and paperwork

With all these satisfactory services, selling your car with Blown-Head Issue shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Just call us today & get your quotation now.

How Much Cash do I get for my car with Transmission Problem & Blown-Head Gasket

As a top buyer of wrecked and damaged cars, our ultimate purpose is to offer you the best cash offer for your vehicle. When you contact us at 0409 526 398, we ask some basic questions relevant to your car’s condition and its model, etc. We make it sure that you are the real owner of the vehicle, then our appraisers make your car’s valuation.

We assure you that you can get the best value for your damaged car with a transmission issue. Trust us; you won’t regret the decision to contact us. We are here to provide you the great opportunity of turning your buggered engine car into the gold. So, contact us now and get the highest maximum cash for your vehicle.


Makes & Model We Accept

The perfect thing about preferring our junk car removal services is that we can accept every make and model of your car no matter if your vehicle is in running condition or not. We provide services without any extra fees and hidden charges.

You have the great opportunity to get top cash for vehicles, including cars, vans, 4X4s, trucks, and SUVs. Whether your car is of no value, we can still offer you the best cash offer.

We can accept all the makes and models, including;

  • Nissan
  • Holden
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Mazda
  • Isuzu
  • Toyota
  • Subaru
  • Audi
  • Suzuki

So, do you have any of the models mentioned above? If yes, then contact us. dont worry if your car’s model is not in the list mentioned above because our company can still buy it.

How To Sell Your Blown-Head Gasket and Transmission Issue Cars

You can sell your car to us by following four simple steps including;

  1. Get a free quoted price for your car according to its condition
  2. Decide the most suitable pick-up timings.
  3. Sell your old, damaged, rusted, ruined, and out of order and wrecked
  4. Get the top cash on the spot.

Aren’t they the easiest steps to follow? Surely, contacting us is a simple and hassle-free process.

What Is The Best Way To Contact Us

If you think our junk car removal services are reliable and trustworthy, then contact us now. Pick up the phone, dial our number 0409 526 398. We are just a call away.

Auto Dismantlers

Hire Auto Dismantlers & Earn Cash for Cars

If you own a vehicle and its life has come to an end, no need to be worried about it. We recommend you not to waste money on its repair. There is a smarter solution available to deal with this scenario. Auto dismantlers offer amazing services and remove old, damaged, junk, and wrecked vehicles without taking cost for it. They will offer 100 % free of cost services. You will not be asked to pay money for pickup, towing, and removal also. They pay high cash for unwanted cars in return.

Top Cash for Damaged Cars

This service is extraordinary. You can say goodbye to your undesirable and problematic vehicles peacefully. Auto dismantlers work hard and protect the environment from pollution. They buy old cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, and Utes. You can get rid of any kind of useless and junk cars. The wreckers buy and recycle vehicles. Their recycling methods are safe and earth-friendly. You will get high-quality removal services from them. You can rely with confidence on these companies. They pay money on the same day you get your vehicle removed. The entire process will be completed within 24 hours. Simply contact the auto dismantlers and they will complete the assigned work quickly. You will not have to worry to get the ownership transfer done. They will give you the relevant documentation.

This option to remove your car from your location is beneficial in all the ways. Stop searching for a potential buyer and get all done on a single click. In usual selling methods, you need a lot of patience. Your time gets wasted for search purposes and getting someone convinced to buy your wrecked vehicle. Save yourself from all the hassle and difficulty. The companies have a quick and trouble-free solution. They will pay you a high price for your worthless cars and other vehicles. Furthermore, they have expert workers as well as the finest quality removal equipment. They can work in a better way and remove your vehicle from your location.

Efficient Auto Dismantling Services

There is no point in keeping a damaged, broken, and problematic vehicle. It can cause you trouble and tension. Grab the chance to convert an unwanted vehicle to a handsome amount of cash. Old car removal is a must to save the environment from hazardous and dangerous materials. Get it towed away from your premises timely and protect yourself as well as your surroundings. They also separate the piles of working auto parts and sell them at a low cost.

Noble Cash for Cars is the no.1 auto dismantling company. They have maintained their position with continuous quality work. They are polite with all the clients and value every vehicle. They are very reliable and they use top quality car removal equipment. They are very quick and efficient in providing the best services. Their procedure is not at all ambiguous and they have no limitations in their buying process. They will take any type of vehicle and pay decent cash.

Can you sell a car that doesn’t run or damage?

Yes. You can sell your damaged and non-drivable cars. It has become possible because of car wrecking firms. They are ready to buy salvage, written-off, damaged, wrecked, and old vehicles. They pay high cash for unwanted cars also. The interesting and amazing thing is they will come to your advised premises to offer free of cost pick up, towing, and removal services. It means you will not have to take headaches to take the vehicles to their wrecking yards. They have top and reliable tools for quick and trouble-free removal of vehicles from any location. You can rely on auto wrecking firms with confidence.

Instant Cash for Scrap Cars – The Simple Process

Turn your trash and unwanted cars into a good amount of cash. Dial the car removal company now and share the basic information with them for example make, model, condition, year, and mileage of your vehicle. They will promptly respond with a quote. They will not charge you for providing the free estimation. Their cash offers are amazing. When you give them confirmation, they will expedite the process and their team will reach your location where your damaged and the broken vehicle is lying. The process will be completed within one day and they will remove your vehicle. They make an instant payment to their clients on the same day.

Car removal companies have become popular because they offer amazing services without taking money. Also, they buy the vehicles that no one is willing to purchase from the scrap car owners. If you have a very old and outdated model of the vehicle, no worries. You can get money for that too. They buy cars of any make and model. The purpose is the safe recycling of all the old and rusty vehicles. They use eco-friendly ways for recycling. It is very important to get your corroded and salvage vehicles removed from your location otherwise your environment will be polluted.

You have an amazing opportunity to earn a handsome amount of cash because of your damaged vehicles. Instead of leaving your cars in your garages or backyards, decide smartly and get an advantage. Such wonderful services were not available before. As the times are changing, you get smart and convenient ways to say goodbye to worthless vehicles. Using these services, you can save your time as well as you can get rid of worries. You will get ownership transfer documentation as well. You will get a complete package and that too without any hassle. is one of the finest car wrecking companies. You must consider getting services from them. They are fair and honest in their dealing. They will not charge you hidden costs. They offer a very good amount of cash. Their customer services are beyond comparison. They listen to the customers carefully and help in the best possible way. They have friendly behavior and treat customers with a lot of respect. Such benefits are rare to find. Grab this opportunity now!

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