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Scrap Cars To Car Wreckers

Scrap Your Old Cars To Car Wreckers

Wrecking yards or scrap yards are those places, where the decommissioned vehicles are brought and the usable parts in them are sold out while the damaged parts and unusable parts are sold out to metal recycling companies. Car wreckers also work on the same. In Britain, wrecking yards are known differently, namely, car breakers and bike breakers.

Car wreckers or wrecking yard comprises the scrap yard, the subset of the complete yard, which is the heart of the wrecking system. Scrap yards sell and buy both metallic pieces of stuff and electronic items. For instance, they but base metals like iron, copper, brass, nickel, and lead and also get electronic items like machines and gears and try to compart damaged automobiles and four-wheelers, and also sell out the same which are disintegrated.

Different divisions of yards:

The Salvage yard is another subset of the wrecking yard. They function on a lower level, they tend to stuff in damaged vehicles and those vehicles which are let out in an auction by police, accident cases, damage due to natural calamities etc. the vehicles are arranged in rows or stacked one upon another. Most of the yards possess computerized inventory systems. Many of the yards are connected with the internet and work like a call center system through which one will be able to find the potential yard through internet and communication. The business hence expands. Yards are internet based and are partially involved in instant email queries and functioning..

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Types of selling usable parts:

Self-service in salvage yards: When a customer approaches to but a single or multiple elements if he or she is able to remove the parts from the vehicles and use it is termed as self-service and it is sold at low cost. This type is applicable to small-scale dealers and workers and ordinary people don’t prefer this.

Yard service: When the parts are being removed and cleaned by the yard workers and then if they are sold out to customers it is termed as yard service and the rate of the parts is high because of the service charges.

The major parts headlights, windows, seat covers, sound systems in the car, are removed from the damaged piece and are serviced properly and sold out to branded service centers, on the second hand, on a comparatively low rate. In largescale wrecking yard, those parts are sold out by themselves with warranty.

The process of dismantling:

Once, there is no proper usable part available in a particular vehicle, then the left outs and metal scraps are sold out in bulk to a scrap metal processing unit, where the metal parts are being crushed using heavy machines like shredder, flattener, bailing bodies. The final process disposing of metals is done with hammer mill and chunks are received as output. These chunks are the sold by weighing them in tons.

On selling a wrecked car a person earns cash on both the electric part and metallic part, but on selling a scrap car he or she will only earn on the basis of the weight of the mellitic chunks. A scrap car also is directly sold out in scrap metal processing unit. This is the complete processing of the car wreckers and the profit depends upon the number of vehicles they get.

Car wrecking yards are generally located on the outskirts of any city to avoid pollution and sound damage in the environment. The shops and service centers are located within the city, while the yard where major work lies in is located out of the city. Leading brands of vehicles also possess their own wreck yards, where no second-hand business is less.

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