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Whether you are in the northern suburbs or southeast suburbs, or just anywhere in Melbourne, you can always count on the efficiency and world-class car-removal services of Cash for Cars. With more than a decade of service, we have been able to satisfy a lot of people and buy different cars of various conditions for a very handsome amount of price. No need to go searching for a buyer of your old and unwanted cars, as we want every single one of them and we will pay you handsomely in exchange. If you plan to sell your car in Melbourne, call us at 0409 526 398.

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On top of giving you money in exchange for your unwanted car, we also offer free car removal and free processing of the necessary documents for transfer. You will never see this service anywhere else but only in Cash for Cars. It does not matter to us whatever the condition of the car may be, it could be smashed, wrecked, has some missing or broken parts, name it. We want it and we’ll give a fair amount of price for it. Aside from that, we also accept the following:

Old and unwanted cars

If you think your old car is of no use anymore, don’t commit the mistake of selling it to your nearest junk shop. Sell it to us instead!

Unregistered cars

Your car is not yet registered? No problem! We also take it despite of it being void of roadworthy certificates or any legal registrations.

Accident, wrecked, smashed, and any cars beyond repair

If your car has been in an accident lately and you think selling it of would be financially wiser than repairing it, then call Cash for Cars to get the best amount out of it. No matter the condition after the damage, we will still accept it because we believe that in the industry that we work in, it still has a value and can be salvaged through recycling. Not only will you be receiving a handsome price for it, you will also be helping the efforts for minimizing environmental damage and pollution.

4WD wreckers

Got a 4WD that is no longer working or you don’t use it anymore? sell it at Cash for Cars as we offer top dollar especially for your 4WD regardless of the condition, the manufacturer and the date purchased. We even tow them at absolutely no cost at all.

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Try us at Noble Cash for Cars – sell my car service and you will never be as surprised as you will be. We make every single step simple and hassle-free for you and just leave to us the removal and the necessary documents for your car. Call us now at 0409 526 398 and fill up our online quote form to get started!

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