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Great price for your old cars!

Great news if you are living in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs as we extend our services in your area, giving you the best price for your old car and many more! Have you got a car that you no longer use and it just sits idly in your garage? Does it have any scratches, damages, or any missing parts that keep it from being functional! No worries! Here in Cash for Cars, we accept cars even in whatever condition they may be in and give you top prices that you will never have anywhere else.


What do you get when you choose Noble Cash for Cars?

In cash for price, we take into consideration your perspective as a customer who wants to get rid of their cars, as soon as possible, and for a good price in return. Well, we are your dream come true as we give just that and many more. In exchange for your old, unwanted car, we will offer cash on the spot. Sounds too good to be true? Well, what more if you read our services on top of giving you the best money that you can get from your old car!


  • Guaranteed Satisfactory Service

In our one decade of service, we have been able to satisfy a lot of customers who wanted to put their cars on sale. And we have offered our services to different places not just in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne but also to the places beyond. You can be our next satisfied customer if you choose the best car-removal service, Cash for Cars.


  • Hassle-Free Transactions

Remember the old days when if ever you wanted to sell your car, it would take weeks or months because of the tedious and complicated process of meeting with potential buyers, processing papers, and more? Well, forget all of that because Cash for Cars provides you a pleasurable experience in selling your cars unlike before and other car removal companies out there. We offer free and same day car removal, we process all the needed documents for the transfer and we give you money on the spot as we tow away your old car. So all you have to do is grab your tea and be comfortable in your seat while receiving the money.


  • Informative and Helpful Customer Service Consultants

Ready to call us? We are more than pleased to help you in your efforts to get rid and sell your unwanted. With our frontline customer service consultants, you will be assisted with your every concern and all your inquiries will be addressed.


  • We are eco-friendly

All measures and processes that will be done to your car are eco-friendly and is in accordance with the laws and government standards of Victoria. So, leave everything to us, your car is in good hands.


No worries! Selling your car is a total breeze with Noble Cash for Cars!

With the top prices that we offer, you will never go wrong in choosing Cash for Cars. We will tow away your old car on the same day on pay you on the spot. Call us now at 0409 526 398!

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