Cash for Used Cars Melbourne


Is that old car resting in your garage just rusting away? Do you worry that you will lower its value when you get rid of it? Noble Cash for Cars will put such concerns to rest. We offer cash of up to $8999 for used cars, no matter how rickety they are.

Cash for Used Commercial Vehicles

Do you have a used truck that is too cranky to drive around Melbourne? Does your van have a weak engine? These are signals for you to bid your used commercial vehicle goodbye. Why not get well-deserved cash for it? We will give you the money you need for one that you can drive anywhere.

Knowing When To Sell Your Used Car

Deciding when to sell a used car to a wrecker can be difficult. Cars fall in value the minute they hit the roads. Sell too early and depreciation bites hard; wait too late, and your vehicle will become too unreliable to be of value.

Experts suggest that there is no age when depreciation and value combine at their most beneficial for car owners. However, as a general benchmark, you should market your used car if it is about five years old. Engine failure starts to kick in at this age. Also, statistics suggest that things start to go wrong in a car when it reaches 60 000 miles.

Note that you will get more value for a car of that age, because it has parts that will still work well. Salvagers like Cash for Used Cars Melbourne will retrieve them and offer them to motorists who need them. We have a range of used components at our yards.

Why Choose Cash for Used Cars Melbourne

Why is Cash for Used Cars Melbourne one of the best places to sell your used car? There are endless reasons you should work with us.

To start, we have been in business for over a decade and can count ourselves among the premier car wreckers in Melbourne. We understand that sellers have a need for immediate cash, so we are more than ready to give it. We offer some of the highest used car prices in Melbourne.

We believe in giving you what you deserve for your vehicle. Cash for Cars Melbourne will not shortchange you. Our experts will not make you a final offer for your car until they have assessed all its accessories.

Come to us if you want a stress-free experience. Our schedules are flexible; we operate 24 hours a day, all week. You do not have to tote your car to our salvage yard because we will come to you, wherever you are in Melbourne. We take care of all administrative needs, so forget those paperwork hassles.

Further, we are big proponents of the environment. Melbourne is our home, so we will not release harmful chemicals into her surroundings. Our car removal process is one of the safest in the city.

Free Used Car Removal Melbourne

We buy used cars of all makes. Nissans, Toyotas, Protons, Fords, and BMWs, are of equal value to us. There are many uses for their spare parts. As long as you have a used vehicle, we will remove it for free. There is no reason to pay to have it towed.

How to Sell Your Used Car to Us

First, give us a phone call or fill up our online quote form. Describe your vehicle. We will base our estimate of its value on the information you give us, so accuracy is important.

Then, our experts will go to your Melbourne location and evaluate your vehicle. They will take every accessory you have installed into account before making you an offer for it. Once you accept their terms, we will remove your car straight away. You will get cash for it at once.

Contact Us

Let Cash for Used Cars Melbourne turn your used car into the cash you need. Call us at 0409 526 398 today, and get money for what you may think is just an old rust bucket.