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Cash for Junk Cars Melbourne

Cash for junk cars Melbourne

Do you have an old car that can only drive past two streets before its engine gives way? Tell Noble Cash for Cars Melbourne about it. We take in all old cars, even if they are beyond repair. We give cash up to $8999, and go anywhere you are in Melbourne.

Cash for Commercial Vehicles Melbourne

Is your accident-wrecked van too damaged to drive to the workplace? Take heart because it is not completely worthless. Cash for Cars Melbourne takes in old commercial vehicles and salvages their working components.

What makes a junk car valuable?

Your junk car is more precious than you think. It may not be worth much as a derivable vehicle, but its working parts may still have value thats why we are paying cash for junk cars.

GPS systems are en vogue because they make it easy to track locations. The one in your car may fetch a tidy sum. Undamaged fenders are also useful because they protect the vehicle.

Doors will be helpful to a motorist looking for compatible ones for his car. Also, catalytic converters are useful because they reduce harmful fumes.

Who likes a dented bumper? Your car’s bumper may be a useful replacement. Its battery and air-conditioning may be what motorists need as well. Moreover, your old car may have fresh tires that will come in useful.

Your 4WD or Coupe may be too old to hit the road, but you can still get value for it by exchanging it for cash. Call Cash for Cars Melbourne at 0402 979 921, and we will remove it for you straight away.

Junk Car Removal Melbourne

If you have a car that has achieved junk status, give us a call. We will remove it according to Victoria’s laws.

Why Choose Cash for Junk Cars Melbourne to Salvage Your Car?

Why sell your car to us, of all the junkyards in Melbourne?

First off, we are professional, licensed end-of-life vehicle wreckers who have decades of experience. We can pay top dollar for used cars. Our experts understand a seller’s need for cash and are prepared to offer it for his old vehicle.


Our relationship with the environment is sound. We do not release harmful chemicals into Melbourne’s surroundings. Our wrecking process is one of the most thorough in the city.

Cash for Junk Cars Melbourne: Our Services

We take in Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Proton, Subaru, Suzuki, Kia, BMW, Audi, Holden and other makes of cars. We do not discriminate between brands, and all cars are valuable to us. Our wreckers salvage their components and sell them to car owners who need them. There is a range of spare tires, fenders, and catalytic converters at our yards.

Our Junk Car Removal Process

How do we remove cars? The process kicks off when we receive your call. We will ask you to share details about your vehicle. Be thorough as we need them to estimate its value.

Our professionals will visit you at your Melbourne location and view your car. They will quote a price for it after considering all its components and will pay you as soon as you accept their offer.

Once we buy your car, our tow truck drivers will take it away at no cost to you. Make space for their truck, and be ready to transfer your vehicle’s title to us.

If your car is too old, it should be on top of a scrap heap instead of taking up space in your driveway. Dial us at 0402 979 921 or fill up our website quote form. We will relieve you of it today.

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